Paris, France


Heidi Aulikki goes to Paris

Finnish desing shop FINNOVA is selling Heidi Aulikki tableware since september 2018

Selected Heidi Aulikki tableware and earings can be found from city center of Paris.

Address: 35 quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris

Espresso cups specially made for Finnova shop

Espresso cups specially made for Finnova shop

NID invited Heidi to Paris Design week 2016

Heidi exhibits with NID her desk lamp and a pedant lamp from the series of Laskos -lightings.

The beautiful hand thrown and altered porcelain shade is fired in high temperatures in a gas firing and is combined to the carefully chosen components. Heidi has designed her lighting serie with a new contemporary timeless approach to the material.

Also Heidi was privilege to speak in NID held Contemporary Ceramic Design conference. 

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