I am thinking through my hands. As I create multiple variations and sketches on wheel, while looking for the limits of the material and refining my skills for the shape I have designed. It’s important for me that the aspect of the craft process is present in the finished product. I want to leave my fingerprints somewhere in there.
— Heidi Aulikki Puumalainen


Heidi Aulikki brand is founded by designer and artist Heidi Aulikki Puumalainen.

Ceramic and glass materials have always been close to her heart. Already as a child Heidi knew where to found clay from the seashore of Piikkiö and she made small figurines out of it. In the age of 18 she was able to get her first pottery lessons in Forest Grove, Oregon, where she was an Aupair. 

Heidi graduated as Master of Arts from distinguished Aalto university in 2009. Great interest of always improving her talent has taken Heidi to become one of Finland's top ceramic artists and designer.

Hand made 

Heidi Aulikki -products are hand made in city centre of Helsinki. Heidi works mainly with potters wheel.  Photos, videos and tutorials can be seen in Instagram #heidi_aulikki.

Material studies are important part of her work. She frequently research new material combinations to use in her works. Some of the raw materials she picks up her self. For example as colour ingredient she uses granite stone powder which she founds from roadwork sites.

Heidi Aulikki -ceramic studio and showroom is located in Helsinki Design District, Tehtaankatu 18. Showroom and studio is open to public only by booking advance.